How does an HVAC system work?

These days, almost everybody has an HVAC system installed in his/her home, apartment or work place. As you probably know already, like any other mechanical machine, your system needs HVAC repair or maintenance once in a while. But in order to understand when to schedule for an AC service or if your unit performs in the recommended parameters, you need to know a few things about how the HVAC system works.

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A basic air conditioning system consists of three main parts. The outside unit, also known as the high pressure side, the inside unit or low pressure side and the ducts in between. The air conditioning ducts does not present any particular feature except the fact that they have to be properly insulated in order to avoid loss of heat. Once in a while, leaks may occur in your ducts system. For fixing such an issue you need to book up for an air conditioning repair as the job require a professional technician and a specific set of tools.

The high pressure side of the HVAC system contains a compressor. This is the main part of your outside unit and you can recognize it by its size. It is bigger than the inside unit. Every air conditioner uses a special gas called refrigerant. This gas has the property to heat up under high pressure and then travels back and forth through the AC pipes between the compressor and the condenser. Sometimes, the lack of refrigerant in your system will cause an inefficient performance. By performing an AC service provided by a reliable contractor can improve the efficiency of the system.

Once the refrigerant enters the compressor, it’s subjected to high pressure and becomes extremely hot. When the desired temperature is reached, the gas it’s flushed through a tube to the condenser. This unit consists of a blower and a set of radiators. The gas flows through the radiators which is cooled constantly by the blower. When the refrigerant is subjected to instant cooling, it changes its state from gas to liquid. The liquid is then transported to the inside unit. Most of the times, an air conditioning repair is performed on the the compressor as it is one of the most vulnerable parts of your HVAC system.

The low pressure side, contains an evaporator. This evaporator is in fact a section of tubing that tapers into a small opening, allowing only a small amount of high pressure refrigerant to enter into the unit. When the hot liquid is forced into the small opening, its pressure drops instantly, causing it to cool very fast. As you can imagine this evaporator has a crucial role in the cooling process. To make sure your HVAC system performs admirable, hire an air conditioning repair service to check the unit and do the necessary repairs.

The final part of the process is blowing air through the cold evaporator inside the house. The inside units contains a fan which takes air form outside and blow it through the evaporator into the house, cooling the area. A HVAC repair may be required if your blower makes strange noises. It may be a sign that it needs maintenance.

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