Common heat pump problems

Heat pumps are heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment that are used to cool and heat homes or offices. The first time they came into use, heat pumps weren’t very popular due to the fact that they were not as fast and efficient as traditional systems. However, many improvements have been made to these systems over the years and now they are one of the most used heating and cooling systems. Unfortunately, like all systems, heat pumps do break down, and when they do, you may want to hire a heat pump repair service provider. Here are some of the things that can go wrong.

No heat.

Man checking water heaterThere are a few things that can cause a heat pump to stop producing warm air. One of them is lack of power, so the first place you should check is the power supply. If your heat pump doesn’t receive electricity, then reset the power supply. Next thing on the list is the igniter. Most heat pumps are equipped with a light that tells if the igniter is operating. Continue reading

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Heat Pump

What’s a heat pump and how does it work?

Contrary to normal beliefs, a heat pump is perfectly capable of heating as well as cooling your home. However, the term “heat pump” is used because the main application of such a device is to transport hot liquid, also known as refrigerant between the two main part of a HVAC system, the outside unit and the inside unit. Every now and then, due to excessive use, a heat pump repair is necessary in order to keep your HVAC system up and running.

Looking for heat pump repairs in Columbia, SC?Simply put, a heat pump is a device that moves heat from one location to another, using a small amount of energy. This is actually one of the biggest advantages of HVAC systems, compared with traditional AC units, the first ones are more energy-efficient. Heat pumps used as a part of a HVAC system have the capability to deliver hot as well as cold air. But they have other attribution as well, for instance, heat pumps have been used recently to capture heat from the underground, transport it onto the surface and then delivered as a hot air in houses, offices or any other types of buildings. They are very popular and they are rapidly becoming a big competitor for the traditional furnaces. Even more, the cost for a heat pump repair is much lower than for a furnace or any other heating device. Continue reading

Heat Pump

How does an HVAC system work?

These days, almost everybody has an HVAC system installed in his/her home, apartment or work place. As you probably know already, like any other mechanical machine, your system needs HVAC repair or maintenance once in a while. But in order to understand when to schedule for an AC service or if your unit performs in the recommended parameters, you need to know a few things about how the HVAC system works.

We are a proven HVAC repairs provider in Columbia.

A basic air conditioning system consists of three main parts. The outside unit, also known as the high pressure side, the inside unit or low pressure side and the ducts in between. The air conditioning ducts does not present any particular feature except the fact that they have to be properly insulated in order to avoid loss of heat. Once in a while, leaks may occur in your ducts system. For fixing such an issue you need to book up for an air conditioning repair as the job require a professional technician and a specific set of tools. Continue reading

Air Conditioning Repairs

How to prepare your HVAC system for winter?

How to prepare your HVAC system for winter?

As the cold season approaches and the temperatures drop, you’ll find that your utility bills will increase, mostly because of heating costs. However, if you schedule HVAC repair and maintenance in advance, you can cut your electricity usage therefore adding to the life of your HVAC system.

Reliable AC services in Columbia SC.1. Inspect the HVAC unit.
Most HVAC systems can last as long as 20 years, if properly maintained, before they need to be replaced. Inspect your unit to see if it’s still functioning properly and efficiently. If not, contact a HVAC repair service to have it fixed or replaced. While this may involve some initial costs, it will save you money in the long run and make your house warmer as well as safer. Make sure you check the system long before the onset of winter. If you discover that you need heat pump repair, for instance, you may be stuck for a number of days in freezing weather. Continue reading

Air Conditioning Repairs

Why should I hire an AC service?

Most people who have been faced with an air conditioning repair understand the need to go with a professional service. Customarily, the repairman will perform a simple maintenance and cleaning. Regularly cleaning the grille and filter of the air conditioner helps in enhancing its longevity and makes it more efficient in cooling. Often, the aggregation of particles within the filter obstructs the air ducts making the system ineffective. This issue can be fixed by simply cleaning the air filter, but unfortunately, there are more complex mechanisms that tend to fail in an AC system and they need an air conditioning repair service.

We offer first class air conditioning in Columbia SCThere may be many reasons causing an air conditioner to malfunction. Some of them can be refurbished by the owners without contacting an AC service. From these, we count issues related to cooling, strange sounds, water collection under the machine or a dysfunctional controlling of temperature. While some others like cracks, or leaks in the ducts, heat pump malfunction or a broken thermostat, fall into the attribution of an air conditioning repair service. Continue reading

Air Conditioning Repairs

Common AC problems

We all know that air conditioners have made your life easier. They are especially important during the hot summer season. It enables our homes to remain comfortable when temperatures outside are extremely hot. By providing a well-balanced environment, air conditioning system help labor forces maintain ideal productivity rates. But what if your air conditioning system suddenly broke down? Do you know what you should do if the air leaks from the ducts and holes produced from corrosion? An Air Conditioning Repair should be sought after to resolve the issue before it worsens into an irreparable state. Have in mind that repairing air conditioning systems is not a simple task. It involves working with numerous strands of wires and cables that an average person will know squat about. Diagnosing the air conditioning problem will arrive as a challenge for the vast majority of people. If you hire B&B Plumbing, Heating & Air you can be sure you will get help from the best HVAC repair specialists in Columbia SC. We guarantee flawless process and long-lasting results. Here, are common air conditioning problems as well as AC maintenance tips and strategies. Continue reading

Air Conditioning Repairs

How to Maintain your HVAC Installation

If you maintain properly, you can not only ensure the proper functioning of your air conditioning system, but can also prevent the machine from wearing out early thereby increasing its life by years. This is really important because wearing of equipments that work on a 24/7 basis is inevitable, but regular breakdowns can be easily prevented by ensuring its regular service by professional air conditioning repair company.

Lot of dust accumulates in filters as it traps them and prevents them from entering the machine and duct system. This is the reason that it is important to ensuring that its filter is always clean. If you leave your air conditioning a long time without proper cleaning, harmful bacteria and dust mites can hide there putting the health of people living in such homes or working in such offices in danger of developing various respiratory issues. Continue reading

Air Conditioning Repairs

Heating and Cooling Systems Preventive Maintenance

The price of emergency HVAC repair calls can be expensive and usually come at the most inconvenient times. There are ways to avoid pricy AC service, as well as heat pump repair. With timely proper maintenance, you can fix the issues with your system before they become serious. For that purpose, you need a reputable and reliable contractor such as B&B Plumbing, Heating & Air of Columbia SC to provide you with the quality air conditioning repair service you require.

Preventative maintenance of the HVAC system should be done in early spring, and early fall, just before the cooling and heating systems will be intensively used for the summer and winter months. This will give you enough time to repair any issues discovered. Also, HVAC repair services are typically slow at that time of the year in Columbia SC and so may be offering special deals or discounts. Continue reading

Air Conditioning Repairs

Finding the right HVAC contractor

How to find the right air conditioning contractor in Columbia SC

Many households and office workplaces use some form of HVAC system to maintain a balanced and comfortable climate in which they live or work in. Sadly, air conditioners, boilers, heaters and coolers aren’t built to last for a lifetime. Whether it’s from the wear and tear of time or from an internal problem, such as frozen coils, you will need HVAC repair services at some point in time. Performing HVAC repair is an intricate matter, from heat pump repairs to air conditioning repair services. It commands the experience, expertise, and prowess of a trained and certified specialist like B&B Plumbing, Heating & Air to handle such tasks involved. Though cost is usually the main hindrance that many consumers fail to overcome, the benefits of hiring a contractor in Columbia SC for professional AC services easily outweigh the service charges.

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